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    Re: Issue with commenting in Acrobat


      My problem is that Acrobat is simply using the username from my PC for all comments.  I need to manually change the name each and every time I make a comment.  It will not let me change it in the preferences, and even though I am correctly logged in through my CC panel, Acrobat simply refuses to change the name, or acknowledge the corrected login.


      Come on people.  This is simple stuff.  Surely a billion dollar software company can get something this simple to work correctly.

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          BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

          Hi Wolfs:


          Which commenting tool are you using? The Sticky Note? If so,


          1. Uncheck Always use Log-in Name for Author name in Preferences > Commenting
            Screenshot 2018-06-08 07.40.36.png
          2. Add your first note.
          3. Right click the note > Properties > General
          4. Change the author name, click Make Properties Default
            Screenshot 2018-06-08 07.39.52.png

          Other commenting tools work the same way.