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    "Render and Replace" Clip Still Not Rendered


      I have this one clip that has a couple transform FX going on within it. It's being scaled, positioned, and continually rotated off axis (I'm simulating a record spinning). Being that this footage is 4k, playback is chugging pretty hard (why Premiere still displays it with "yellow" status is beyond me). I right clicked the clip and selected the "Render and Replace..." option in an attempt to increase playback ability thinking that this would take some of the load off of my hardware.


      Well, the clip seems to have gone through the rendering process fine - it was replaced with a new version titled "Filename.MP4_Rendered.mxf" - and yet playback is still exactly as jerky as it was before. Watching my hardware usage during playback, I see normal usage results from my CPU and GPU as the timeline advances, then I get to the (now rendered) clip in question and I see a massive spike in GPU usage and the playback starts chugging. This is the exact same behavior I saw in the unrendered clip.


      So, what gives? What exactly did the rendering process do? Is there another option I should have chosen?


      I know having other clips beneath the one you're watching in the program monitor can cause playback issues, as PP is also attempting to make those available for real-time playback as well, but I have avoided that. The clip in question is the only one in that vertical position on the timeline.


      PP CC 2018 v12

      W10 (lastest SP)

      16GB DDR4

      Nvidia 980ti (latest driver)

      960 EVO NVMe SSD 500GB
      4xHDD RAID10 (footage for this project is located here)