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    Add new audio track to multiple copies of Multicam sequence.


      Hey guys,


      So I have a bit of an annoying situation.  We recently shot a series of interviews; two cameras with scratch plus external audio.  We created Multicam sequences of the video files, one per interview, and then proceeded to log all the footage.  My expectation was that this would be similar to working with a merge clip and subclips. 


      To log, I set an in and out point and then dragged the selection to the bin I wanted to store that clip in.  However; the logging was finished before the actual audio files where synced.  I then added the good audio files to the Multicam sequences I made earlier only to realize that that change did not carry over to the "selections" I had made.  A bit of googling revealed that because you cant make subclips of a Multicam sequence (WHY?) what I had actually done was create a bunch of copies of my original Multicam sequences, each with its own in and out, but different sequences.


      Now I have the problem that there are hundreds of "Selects" which it would appear I have to sync the good audio to one at a time; individually.  Despite there being only a couple dozen shots, which I have already synced.


      Does anyone out there have an elegant solution for me?


      Thanks very much.