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    Creating a boundry in the stage...

      I'm new here and I'm taking a class on Director. Unfortunately, my teacher does not know how to do much himself which is leaving me to come here and seek advice. Please forgive me in advance for any stupid questions and the like since I have not learned much.

      I am creating a video game similar to Arakanoid but with a small amount of moving objects instead of stationary objects. I am not trying to make an exact recreation but at least something that is playable and fun that can be made in Di.

      I am just taking it one step at a time so my question is, am I able to create a border around this portion of my picture. The black border is also part of the same PNG. Is it possible to create a border in the code so nothing passes that section or does my picture have to be separate from the black border?

      I hope this question makes enough sense. Thank you for any help. ^_^