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    Creation of Adobe Premiere Pro Captured Video Folder - Please Help!

    jmk566 Level 1

      Yesterday, I accidentally rearranged my workspace, moving my timeline somewhere else, and needed to revert to my original workspace. While I was going through various workspaces trying to find the right one (including All Panels and other Premiere presets), I saw that a new folder was suddenly created in my project folder titled Adobe Premiere Pro Captured Video folder. Does anyone know why this may have happened? I have always had three other folders within the folder where my Premiere project lives (Adobe Auto-Save, Adobe Premiere Pro Captured Audio and Adobe Premiere Pro Audio Previews), but never this Captured video folder. I'm not capturing any video or audio for this project, by the way.


      It concerns me only because I worry I did something besides changing my workspace and that it might affect the content of my edit/ sequences. I'm just not certain what I might have done that would have created this folder and if it could have been caused by my switching through workspaces rapidly. And although I realize edits are not affected by changing workspaces, I worry I might have done something else I'm not aware of.


      Thank you so much for any possible help!