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    Pop Up Window

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      I appreciate you taking the time to read and respond to this message.

      I am using Flash 8 from CS2 and need some help creating a printable pop up window. I have tried using the getUrl, "_blank", but I want a printable graphic (pdf, jpeg, etc) to appear in the pop up window and not a website. I want the graphic to open in a new widow and have a print button attached. Can someone tell me how this can be done?

      Thanks for your help!
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          Hi, do the the following.

          Attach this code to a movieclip on the stage (not on a frame)

          on (release) {
          this is the flashpart.
          place this code between the head tags in youre index.html

          <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
          function popupw1() {
          place this code between the head tags in your example.html (your popup)

          <script language="JavaScript">
          function printen() {

          finally add this code to your example.html (your popup)
          <a href=JavaScript:printen();><span class="style10 style17">PRINT</span></a>
          I don't think you need the span tag but i'm not sure.

          good luck

          Greetz Martin
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            This does not work on a Mac. I don't know when this stopped working, but it has completely @#$@# a project I am working on. I don't have a complete cross-platform way of handling my project in flash any more.

            Anyone know how to get javascript to work between flash and a browser on a mac??