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    A Typical Trip to the DIY Store — Kiwi Style

    Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

      This stopped me in my tracks at the local DIY store today.   Warning possibly graphic content after the image.

      Last warning.  Don't read on if offended by animal stuff.


      What we are seeing in the image above is a hunter's truck with boxes for his dogs on the back, and this mornings catch on top.  I once came across a similar sight on a boat ramp — there are lots of wild boar and goats on the mountains around the Marlborough Sounds. The men had a tiny aluminium pontoon boat like below — again, with boxes for the dogs, and a big pig tied across the bow.

      I couldn't see any guns, and I had not lived here long, and was a bit green about local customs, so I asked them how they hunted the pigs.  Apparently the dogs track and pin down the pigs, and the hunters catch up and dispatch with knives.  I was, and still am, truth be told, a lot more upset about the injuries the dogs receive from the boar's tusks.  They can be ferocious, and are generally much bigger than the hunting dogs.  In fact, dangerous to people if cornered.


      To be fair, people only hunt for the meat here, and I suppose if I was hungry enough I'd do the same.  Mean while, I'll keep my head in the sand and try not to think about it while enjoying a chicken curry.