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    Horribly slow performance

    merkk Level 1

      So, I'm not sure if this is normal or if maybe something is wrong with my system. But LR seems to be horribly slow even when doing the most basic of tasks. If i want to move a bunch of raw files from one folder to another and I do that using windows explorer, it pretty much happens instantly. Doing the same task in lightroom can be orders of magnitude slower if it's a large batch of files. It's actually quicker for me to move the files outside of LR and then just tell it where to find the files that i moved. Which is a pretty stupid workflow IMHO.


      And if i do any sort of batch process in LR, LR is pretty much useless for any other task until that process is done. Even just moving the mouse around the screen is a chore when LR is chugging away on something. For example, after i finish editing an album of photos I'll usually export them. I would like to be able to move onto the next batch of photos while the export is happening, but that's impossible because LR is unusable while it's processing the export.


      I think my PC specs are pretty decent:

      Intel i7-6700k
      gigabyte z170xp-sli mobo
      32gb ram (ddr4 3000)
      gtx 980
      main boot drive samsung ssd 960 m.2  evo 1tb

      Is this how LR behaves for everyone or is there something wrong with my system?