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    Why won't my main drop down stay put with sub menu

    George Darte Level 1

      I'm using a composition with a trigger. I used a vertical menu within the target zone. I enable view upon roll over, and to hide upon rollover target and trigger. But yet, for some reason when trying to go into the sub menu, my main menu keeps disappearing!!! HELP!


      Here the temp site - menu is under Technologies


      Home     --   LINK TO SITE


      Thank you!

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          Ussnorway Adobe Community Professional

          a sub menu is a special type of code and does not sit on the same level as the rest of a menu... it is its own space so what you want will not work


          option 1 = have the menu widget (with sub-menu) and get rid of the comp widget it sits in

          option 2 = keep the comp widget and the menu but not the sub menu... put the sub menu links in their links as seperate parts

          I would use a manual menu for the sub-menus i.e, a separate menu next to the main one with the sub-links

          option 3 = leave it as is but drop the rollover as it isn't needed anyway i.e, the comp target area stays or has a 'close' buttion