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    Can't create a new presets folder in Develop mode

    tom_ch Level 1

      Over time, I have created some presets that I use regularly. So far they've all ended up in my User Presets file, but it's getting a little crowded in there. I've also tried to import commercially available presets.
      In an attempt to get some order into the chaos, I've decided to create some new preset folders. Normally (or up until the last version of LR Classic CC) you could click on any preset and a pop-up menu would appear with the option of creating and naming a new folder. This doesn't happen anymore. Even if I go to the Develop drop-down menu with the option of New Preset Folder..., the window opens, but after ticking and filling out the necessary boxes nothing happens and the window closes. Either the new folder option is kaputt or I have created a load of new folders, but have no clue where they are.


      Can anybody offer some enlightenment?