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    Illustrator .swf weirdness in Flex


      This problem only occurs for .swfs that originated as a .ai file.

      I have a .swf graphic loaded as a SWFLoader child of a UIComponent. When I mouse over the Flash .swf loaded this way, I get the behavior you would expect from a graphic child of a UIComponent.

      But for .swfs that are published from Flash, but originated as .ai files, I get very odd behaviour when I mouse over the graphic part of the UIComponent. Instead of being treated as a normal child of the UIComponent, I get a mouseout event from the UIComponent and I lose all interactivity. The .ai was imported as a movie clip, with Flash layers, with the correct frame rate and registration point. Furthermore, if I create a hybrid .swf from Flash, I only get the weird behaviour from the non-native area of the .swf. I'm utterly mystified. Any ideas?