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    Searching for a freelancer

    seriouswiggles Level 1

      Hey everyone,



      Apologies if this post is in the wrong place. I’m stuck on my phone at the moment and haven’t come across any forum rules on the mobile interface, but hopefully this is ok. Let me know if there’s a better spot for it.



      I’m currently in search a freelance dev for some Photoshop scripting work. I own a company that uses a lot of custom tools, in the form of actions and custom scripts made by our web developer. We’ve been working on refining and bundling these all into a custom Photoshop panel to make life easier for our team and new hires, however we’re short on resources and need some help developing it.



      Does anyone have interest or recommendations for this work, or know of a better place to find someone like this?




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          Kukurykus Adobe Community Professional

          It is right place. I feel able to help, however like none from here can't guarantee everything you'll ask can be possible to do before you give some exact information and smaples of current codes your company uses. Share something for beginning.

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            geppettol66959005 Level 3

            From what I understand you want to create a

            html panel

            or a script panel ui dialog.

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              seriouswiggles Level 1

              Thanks guys. Yea it’s an html panel that triggers scripts. Unfortunately I’m not able to share details publically because everything is done under a non disclosure agreement.


              If anyone would like to share past scripting examples I can have our team review them and then contact you if we’re still in need of someone.



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                Kukurykus Adobe Community Professional

                I solely use user interface dialogs and palettes. I always could do everything with them only for myself so never tried HTML.

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                  seriouswiggles Level 1

                  Thanks for sharing. I should have clarified before that we already have an html panel designed and the layout is developed but we need help finishing some of the js or jsx script files that it references. We would only need delivery of these separate script files and then we can plug them into our existing panel.


                  The scripts we need shouldn’t be too complex and will probably go quickly for someone with extendscript experience, we just don’t have much of it ourselves so we’re looking for a pro. We will also need help in the future as our tools evolve.


                  Geppettol, is the link you shared a panel that you developed or just a general example of an html panel?


                  Kukurykus, do you have examples of past work we could review?


                  Thanks guys!

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                    Kukurykus Adobe Community Professional

                    If you need help with rewriting / finishing srcipts your company already uses then no problem I have already few years experience helping people on this forum with problems that often were new for me. Everything I did completely for free, and many of those problems I solved I wouldn't probably met in my private workflow if somone wouldn't have asked publicly on this forum how to do something.


                    You would like to have panel to manage your scripts. That I can't do, as I'm even not interested in it, however regarding sole scripts as separate parts you later would like to be ran from such panel there is no problem for me to make them work the way you need. After I do it you will need somone else who simply combine them with HTML panel, so I guess do the easiest job, just linking finished scripts with for ex. panel buttons etc.


                    ...you mentioned about actions as well. I prefer to not use them, but write scripts for all possible tasks. Actions are simply stuff for people who can't script, so regular Photoshop users that automate repetitive operations.


                    Review of my work? There are many scripts I wrote you can find on this forum clicking Marek Omszański and checking content of some topics or do the same on PS-SCRIPTS.COM - Index page  forum, where I am as Kukurykus as well.

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                      geppettol66959005 Level 3

                      the proposed one and an example



                      I would like to help you

                      but you do not make us understand what I really mean



                      you want one that programs jsx files


                      Or one that html programs


                      be clearer.

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                        Kukurykus Adobe Community Professional

                        I think you answered not to mine but seriouswiggles post. I hardly understand what you can mean though. I guess you want him to be clear about what he really wants. I think now he states he wants someone who will rewrite his current scripts and then combine them to HTML panel. From that he writes I also understand he mainly wants someone to focus on .jsx scripts, while when they are done he'll be able to handle HTML panel on his own or with little help of 3rd party.


                        And if I get you, then yes, would be good he posted some example of that one of his scripts should do, so we can confirm it's possible to do. Still I think he doesn't ask for something that would be so hard to do, so I'm not scared of that at all


                        ah and to seriouswiggles:

                        normally I'd like to share everything with others, so this way everyone can use open resources of others and learn faster that many of us had no chance for, but trying to figure out things themselves. I understand you can't post anything that belongs to your company. Since noone offered me so far payment for that I'm doing for fun mostly and new experience I'm ready for new challange. When you consider I can be useful contact me privately...

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                          seriouswiggles Level 1

                          Hi geppettoll, I think some things are getting lost in translation between our native languages. In my last comment I did clarify that we already have an html panel and only need work on individual scripts. I know reading and communicating in another language can be frustrating. Thanks for your efforts!


                          Also, your wording wasn’t clear to me regarding the html panel you linked. Is the Profileschool Retouching panel your work?


                          Kukurykus, your examples look good and I appreciate your approach to open source, thanks for sharing.


                          I’m leaving for a business trip today but I will review everything with my team and respond again later this week.


                          Thank you!

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                            tomzag Level 3

                            I think I could help you. My works: Creative Cloud

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                              Kukurykus Adobe Community Professional

                              I think you want to earn I have never seen your desires on scripting forum for helping when money was not involved

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                                tomzag Level 3

                                What the ... . Yes, I'm living from scripting. The thread starter asks for a freelancer ...


                                Oh, and here some posts from me:

                                Show 'Photoshop Print Settings' with script.

                                Is there Photoshop CC 2017 Scripting guide?

                                Re: Slow HTML UI Panel startup when not in PlayerDebugMode

                                tsa server


                                But why I'm even writing this ...

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                                  Kukurykus Adobe Community Professional

                                  You probably didn't understand me because all of them are mostly one line tips. And beside those few ones there are really nothing more; especially some basic scripts for those who ask for help or at least something to share that uesrs could use to learn from to write own programs. That I mean is too many people use PS forums to ask for something or learn from other codes, but don't give anything really useful back like their snippets, solutions they figured out or some other findings.

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                                    seriouswiggles Level 1

                                    Thanks everyone for sharing your info and work. Seems like there are a lot of skilled people in this thread that are interested in helping.


                                    I’ll mark this as correct now since this got so many responses and makes for a great list of contacts for future reference.


                                    For next steps, I’ll move down the list of candidates and contact you privately as needed. Sorry I don’t have time to contact everyone directly but I really appreciate your responses.


                                    Thanks again!

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                                      Kukurykus Adobe Community Professional

                                      Loll I'm really confused now. There are only 3 users here replying to you, and to be honest rather 2 of them are skilled. So what do you mean a lot of (from that) great list of contacts?


                                      'list of candidates' ? who's on that list? That you said to me by PM you already chose one of us so what is it this post about?


                                      And for real how many of us do you see here beside our little group of three?

                                      to say you have no time to respond to people who offer their help when you ask?

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                                        seriouswiggles Level 1

                                        Hi Kukuryus,


                                        You are right, there are only 3 here. I received more private messages from others and was thinking they were all on this thread. That’s my mistake.


                                        I will likely end up responding privately to everyone later in the week still but wanted to provide a general closing to this thread since conversation was deteriorating.


                                        Also, I was ready to give you the job as we discussed in private messages until you started attacking others here. Now I‘d rather not.


                                        I do respect all you do for the community here and helping people with open source in general. Best of luck to you.

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                                          Kukurykus Adobe Community Professional

                                          I never used this forum for such behaviour, but with patience tried to solve problems of newcomers, and even in this theard I didn't behave a way I'm surprised to hear I did :/ You don't know me, at least can't from few posts so that's fine, I won't criticise you made a mistake about way you judged me. I'm not a person you seriously think I can be.


                                          That was not an attack to tomzag if you mean him, but a joke. I used emotikons like you see to emphasize light character of my notice. Firstly I hoped he will say back something funny, but unfortunatelly acted like had no sense of humour.


                                          Then he listed links to topics he considered as helpful - a way he personally saw that, and probably thought me too. That wasn't something I meant about beeing helpful - those few short posts, plus others, there are really not much of this kind.


                                          Finally I shared my opnion how I see that all from my point of view and generally thing about posting for others.

                                          Just to let him understand my way of thinking, simply explained what is my approach to avoid uneeded conflict.



                                          You say I attack others? Is there someone else, so I clarify it too Anyway, are you okey with the above now?

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                                            seriouswiggles Level 1

                                            I’ve been viewing your comments in email and you should know that emoticons don’t show up in the email notifications. Your comments did read as attacks until you pointed those out. I’m guessing Thomas saw them the same way without Emoticons.


                                            Anyway, I’m glad you werent intentionally being insulting and it was just a technicality. However, I’m still hesitant to proceed at this time. We’ve wasted a lot of energy just on initial conversation trying to understand each other.


                                            I need to focus on my work now and will be offline for a while. I’ll talk to you another time.

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                                              Kukurykus Adobe Community Professional

                                              I would not figure out myself that you pointed about lack of emoticons in some eMail messages. That surely teaches me something new and shows how my raw texts could be cruel for someone in fact when there are no appriopriate smileys. This issue we can consider for closed Let's move on!





                                              I'm still waiting for your response. You don't answer to my reply for your private message where you sent me your offer.


                                              You don't answer to another one I wrote after we sorted out things you saw wrong way because of e-Mail limitations as to smileys I had no idea of since I don't recieve notifications of new posts at all that way.


                                              This is why I'm writing to you here again, just in case you can be alerted of private messages only by forum, not like that's with posts you read undirectly from your e-Mail box.