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    Debug problems

      When I make code changes, then save & click Debug or Play in FlexBuilder 3, the old version of the file still plays. I've cleared the browser cache to no avail. Has anyone experienced this? Is there a resolution?

      Thank you!
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          Ansury Level 3
          Is the timestamp on the .swf file changing? Did you uncheck 'build automatically'?
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            cmcskevin Level 1
            Hi Ansury,

            Thanks for responding.

            Yes, the timestamp is changing & it is building.

            I'm making obvious changes (like changing the background from black to red) and it is definitely not the new code though.

            I also changed the name of the main file in the src folder & then ran debug & it said that it couldn't find it in the debug folder. Shouldn't this happen automatically?

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              cmcskevin Level 1
              Well, figured it out... subversion is the culprit (or us not knowing not to commit the debug-bin folder).

              Solution was to remove the project from the project list, delete the debug-bin folder & re-import the project.

              ... and then commit the code IGNORING the debug-bin folder!

              Hope this helps!