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    Unable to copy and paste camera profile to other images...?

    short73 Level 1

      I'm a long time user of LR but just realised today that I'm now unable to copy and paste camera profiles to another image... I have a warning message saying "profile missing" next to the profile I have applied, even though the profile is in the correct place (Library / App Support / Adobe / Cam Raw / Cam Profile).

      Even when I change the profile to Adobe Color, and try to apply that to several images it doesn't work.


      For example.....I imported a set of images and as part of the import, applied a Canon camera profile I have made in the past. Some images I imported were shot with an Olympus camera; these images have the Canon profile applied to them as well...but I can't seem to change that, except by going one image at a time, to change the profile.... Even if I change to Adobe Color and try to apply that to all the images, they don't change, they keep the Canon profile.....!


      What's the solution here?


      LR 7.3.1 on Mac with OS 10.12.6


      Any help really appreciated!




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