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    Audio volume level changes i made had disappeared after reopening the project, Asio vs Mme toggling probem ?

    julianm44443758 Level 1

      I worked all day on my Windows 10 based Premiere Pro 2018 on creating a consistent correct volume levels for all the clips. If it makes any difference this less than a few year old professional desktop computer does not have a soundcard, anyway I used to use Mme device class under Audio Harddrive under Premiere Pro Preferences since I could then also listen to other media and Youtube without having to switch it. However after I found out that the Asio device class setting provides a cleaner audio quality through my speakers i started to use that instead. However if i go to youtube I need to change the Asio back to MMe in premiere pro in order to be able to listen to Youtube and i assume that is normal and others have to do that too. So long story short I worked all day today to adjust the audio levels of different clips to be all in the same level etc and later today once i reopened the project i realized that the volume level changes of the audio clips that i adjusted earlier had disappeared and the volume db levels were off again. Is that because I toggled between MMe and Asio or is it just a Premiere Pro bug again ?? Thank you.