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    Lightroom Hanging when trying to add new ICC profile


      Hi there,


      I have encountered an issue with Lightroom CC today when trying to add a new ICC profile. I installed it correctly as I have many times with others. I can confirm that it is a .icc profile not .icm.


      When I go to Develop, then Soft Proofing all my current used ICC profiles are there ok. If I then go to "other" to choose the newly installed profile Lightroom just freezes and I have to go to task manager to quit. I have uninstalled the ICC profile but the same thing happens. I have removed my old ones and tried reinstalling but the same thing happens. It will not let me access the the ICC profiles from the "other" button.


      I installed another profile last week and it worked fine so something has happened in between then. What can cause these errors?


      Thank you