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    Latest Update is causing issues in facebook game


      The latest update (2018-06 Security Update for Adobe Flash Player for Windows 10 Version 1803 for x64-based Systems (KB4287903)) is conflicting with a game I play on Facebook (City Girl Life). The game is very jerky (stop/start continually), it takes nearly an hour to complete a usually 15 minute activity and is almost unplayable at the moment. It is the same for all browsers, except if I uninstall the windows flash security update from my computer it will play normally in Edge and Facebook Gameroom, however still will not play in Chrome.


      I have cleared the cache and also tried uninstalling flash and then reinstalling it, I have followed ALL troubleshooting guides on your help/support pages and it is still the same.


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          jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

          Thanks for the info.  There's not much you're going to be able to do about it from your end.  Based on the description, I'm pretty sure this is fallout from a security-related change that affects a small subset of content in very specific circumstances. The game developer will probably need to make some modifications to their game (namely, reducing calls to getTimer()) to improve performance.


          While we might be able to improve performance in a future Flash Player release, the next scheduled update is a month out.  I'd recommend letting the game developer know that you're having trouble.  If they need guidance beyond what's already documented on this front, they're always welcome to reach out and we'll try to help.



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            terris20915160 Level 1

            Thank you for your swift response and workable solution for the developers of the game. I will try and be patient until a suitable fix is released next month, I can at the least sill play on the Edge browser if I uninstall the update every day. I very much appreciate your reply and will forward it onto the developers of the game in question :-)

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              jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

              No problem.  Definitely complain to the game developer.  The bottom line is that they're calling getTimer() way too many times.  It has a resolution of 1 millisecond, and they're calling it about 1000x faster than that.  Effectively, 999 of those calls are pointless.  This was always bad practice, but they were getting away with it because it was fast.  It's still actually pretty fast -- our change introduced a 100 microsecond delay.  It's the fact that they're then multiplying that delay by 999 (for no actual benefit) that results in the observable performance degradation.  It's easy to work around, and we can point them to examples.

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                terris20915160 Level 1

                I have complained (along with numerous other people) about this issue which has made the game virtually unplayable. I have also sent them a copy of your previous reply as I will do with this one to point them in the right direction, I do hope they reach out and seek guidance on this matter and a solution can be implemented by the developer in a timely manner. Your help on this matter has been invaluable and I am very grateful for the time and information you have given me regarding this, you have effectively eased a lot of anxiety and helped me to understand what is going on, which in turn has allowed me to be more patient and calm instead of frantically trying to troubleshoot the game to no avail. Many thanks... a true privilege to have the opportunity to discuss this with you :-)