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    Recording Problem

      I have been using Captivate extensively for a series of CBTs. I set up my recording to generate the demo, training, and assessment files for each procedure. All was going well until Friday. I recorded the next in the series using the exact same settings as I've used for the 15 or so I've already completed. When I record it looks as if all is working well, until I open the files that were generated. For example, when I open say the training file, there may be only two slides generated for a 10-step procedure, so lots of content is missing. But, the demo file is complete, even though both were recorded at the same time. I tried to re-record the same procedure. The assessment file was complete when I first opened it. I closed it (and yes, I saved it first) to work on something else and when I returned to it some of the slides at the end were gone. And no, I'm not drinking green beer. Is there a bug in Captivate that might cause this to occur?