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    walking cycle away

    pacol38509684 Level 1

      Hello, how would you animate a man walking away from the camera at this angle?


      When setting up the walk cycle?


      Should I still place both legs straight?


      Should I place them at an angle? Should I make one leg shorter than the other?


      I will scale him gradually down. But I'm confused about leg angles.


      Please help.


      Walking path.png

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          alank99101739 Level 4

          I don’t think you will get this quality from the walk behavior. You can try, but walk behavior is like putting draggers on the body and having the computer move the drag points. If you cannot get it done using normal draggers, you wont be able to use the walk behavior either. In particular, I am looking at the shoes. Some positions you can see the sole of the shoe, other positions you cannot. The walk behavior cannot achieve that (at least I could not imagine how to do it - would need a cycle layer synchronized with the walk behavior? Not sure that is possible.)


          If you wanted to try, yes, I would draw the legs straight. The walk behavior moves things assuming it starts from a standing position. But the walk behavior is not going to lift the feet up higher at the end of the walk cycle and drift them back down on a diagonal to simulate keeping the foot still as you transpose and scale the body. The walk behavior does not understand walking at angles as far as I know.


          The other appraoch is to use cycle layers for the whole puppet (or the whole body). Swap out the normal body and draw a series of frames for the complete body and cycle through them. You have to draw more, but you get full control that way. (I think the “Wunder Boy” sample puppet does this.)

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            SharonfromMD Level 2

            I'm not as experience as alank, but first I would create the shrinking by recording the scale percentage, and the X and Y starting position. Then make sure you don't have the red button selected after you've done that. I'm finding that that is my first step with anything.


            Then I would record the walking behavior. I would follow this by recording a change in the X and Y. I don't know if it would work, because I haven't tried it, but that is how I would approach it.

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