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    Librairies vs Symbols

    sébastienc21868522 Level 1



      It's been a few years now that despite the growing migration waves towards the newcomers (Sketch and Invision to be precise) I managed to keep finding my Adobe tools powerful enough to stick to it. But I'm actualy encountering big issues related to collaborative practices which encourage me to maybe look elsewhere.


      My main question is : Why does illustrator have 2 ways to create reusable elements, each having interesting features but none of them being complete ?

      Symbols are editable in context and support variations in their instances while library items are shareable and dynamics. I need both in one single type of object, otherwise I can't be efficient in creation and teamwork and production in a single lean process.


      Does anyone know if there is a solution in the dev. pipeline regarding this or eventually if it could be solved in the short term with some script or existing plugin ?


      I'm waiting for good news ...