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    Lightroom Classic CC crash on startup - nVidia SurroundDisplay the cause

    mtbparker Level 1

      Hey Folks,


      I don't have a question, per se.  Just a problem description and a request that it get fixed.  Yesterday, I began experiencing a crash on startup with both Lightroom Classic (3.7.1) and Lightroom.  It happened immediately before the splashscreen and was very repeatable.  I spent the day trolling many forums and tried everything I could find which included many of the standard answers:  reset your preferences, uninstall/reinstall, revert to previous version, logout/login, etc.  (Note that with the crash, I couldn't actually reset the preferences from within the app.  Instead, I had to go into AppData and remove the files.)


      I finally discovered the problem was with nVidia's surround display capability.  For those that aren't familiar, that is nVidia's ability to "fuse" multiple separate monitors into a single virtual display essentially creating a single display that spans multiple monitors.


      I have been using Lightroom Classic for a very long time with that capability enabled, and now I can't.  I'm pretty certain this started with the latest nVidia driver update this past week (398.11).  The only reason I'm not 100% certain is because there were a few days between the driver update and my attempt to use Lightroom.  I also know that the same crash happens with the previous version Lightroom Classic CC (3.6).  I saw it when I attempted to fix this problem by reverting to the previous version.


      I know I'm pointing out that it's the nVidia drivers that are the likely cause.  It might be easy to say that nVidia is what needs to be fixed.  Personally, I don't care who fixes what.  I'm just asking that the issue please be resolved.


      Thank you