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    Contacting Adobe? I am unable too - Why?


      I have just purchased the freestanding version of Lightroom 6, as an upgrade from version 4 and although I have the serial number which has been e-mailed to me to the link to download the upgrade, when I go to it it tells me that there is a "There was an error loading your downloads", so I'm now unable to upgrade, because of an a error on Adobes part?


      So like me you would think lets contact Adobe and report the problem to them and ask them why this is happening? Well very easy you would think? No!


      I tried calling the number for the UK on there website (800 833 6687) and it is a wrong number - I am told that the number I have called is not recognised, thus that option isn't possible.


      So okay lets try and use Adobes chat service, well, No! I can't, why? Well that is because the chat services is currently closed on a Monday at 3:00pm in the afternoon "Chat is Currently Closed", who would have chat services that isn't open for their uses during the daytime, well that must be Adobe!


      So here I am on the forum, trying to get some response from Adobe of why I can't download the product which I have just paid good money for!! I feel at this current time cheated and immensely frustrated that I am dealing with a massive organisation, that I feel frankly can't be bothered about it's individual customers..... I like to continue using Adobe Lightroom 6, seeing that I have just paid for it, but if this isn't sorted, I will move my custom somewhere else.


      Can someone from Adobe please contact me and give me the correct UK number and or open your chat service, so I can talk one to one with a real person to get this error of Adobes sorted out.


      Thank you.