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    Call servlet dopost programmatically




      I am trying to play around with acs common feature Querypackager .

      Querypackager servlet is registered with resourcetype and have selector and extension.


      I would like to programmatically call this servlet from my workflow.


      I am getting 500 response. I am having following queries :


      • I am getting an exception in error log ,

              illegalargumentexception: cannot create a node on synthetic resource and ModifiableNode exception.

           I have googled and ended up finding none to resolve the issue.

      • I have referred the following link calling a servlet.

                Adobe Experience Manager Help | Invoking Adobe Experience Manager Sling Servlets using Apache HTTP APIs

           I have followed the same ay for calling he doos bt ith resorcetye.

           My resource type is resolving in resource resolver and i am calling with _jcr_content.package.json

           i didnt find any other way how to implement.

           Is there any other way to implement the servlets registered with resourcetype.

      • The page where the servlet is triggered is located in /etc/acs-commons.

           I have the user with admin permissions, do i need to pass the csrf token programmatically set in the headers of the http post method?

      • What are all the headers and parms need to set to call a post servlet


      Please provide any references and solutions to above.