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    all my presets and plugins were suddenly gone


      Yesterday I opened my Lightroom Classic Version 7.3.1 (1167660) to a ‘welcome dialogue’ like “Welcome to LR, let’s get stared with this quick tutorial..yada yada”, like when I first installed it over a year ago. I went on to the import routine to find my presets for real estate photography were all gone, in fact, all my presets were gone. Not to be deterred I imported 300 bracketed for HDR images  (100 sets of 3)  When I went to process them I found out my HDR plug in of choice (LR/Enfuse) was also missing, in fact, there no plug ins at all other than LR native.  Luckily I had saved the e-mail with the Enfuse activation code, and after struggling to find the download link, adding back into LR and configuring it I was able to resume.  All in all over 2 hours was spent going through the whole ordeal.  I figure there must have been some kind of update which caused the whole thing, but I really don’t know.  I also think there must be a setting(s) to keep LR from wiping all this stuff out, (maybe some kind of backup).  I apologize as I feel this must have come up on the forum somewhere but all my searches didn’t provide a concise answer.  Can anybody please help?

      PS I've been using LR for over a year with no issues whatsoever.  Also using Windows 10.0.17134 Home Premium