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    Walk Cycle Head Detached

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      We have a puppet of a guy and are trying to make him walk. The body and head are separate layers as per the character animator standard and the walk cycle was created by using the Maddie tutorial.

      We are facing issues when we enable the webcam and perform the face movement and head turner behaviors the head detaches from the body and moves on its own.

      The independent property has not been enabled for head and body. We are not able to figure out what the exact issue is and any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


      Please find below screenshots for your reference.


      Head Detached.PNGWalk.PNGpuppet_layers.PNG

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          I am more used to Head being in front of (before) Body. Then the neck I generally advise going up behind the head. The torso I don’t make independent - I connect the arms and legs to the torso. The torso includes the neck, so the head attaches to the torso as well.  (You might have something going on in the Body layer that is not clear from the puppet hierarchy - I am just guessing a bit here.)


          An important one is to set the “Head Position Strength” low. That is the normal reason the head drifts away from the body.


          But the first image Shows the neck attached to the head, so the neck goes on an angle. That is why I make the neck a part of the torso (not independent). The head pivots on the neck, not the neck pivoting on the body.


          Oh, you can make the head not independent if you are okay with the neck bending. That can work with tall necks.

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