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    _ymouse help

      I have created a simple website in flash and I have given it a Macosx dock style navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. The problem I am having is that I want the dock to stop working when the mouse is over the page itself (any where below y=600 pixels) I came up with a simple piece of code and applied it to the movieclip to get around this problem, but it dosen't work and I can't see why.

      onClipEvent (load) {
      if (_ymouse>600) {
      } else {

      when the clip loads it calculates they position of the mouse and adjusts the "dock" accordingly either making it "broken" or "working" all my labels and targets are correct and as far as I can tell the coding is correct aswell. I added a dynamic text box and linked in the script "_root.tester=_ymouse;" to see if I got my values wrong but this box only gives me the value of where my mouse was when the page was loaded and does not change when the mouse is moved. I'm sure It's something simple that I'm overlooking here but it's really frustrating me. any help or comments would be greatly appreciated.