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    Cannot Log in or Change Password on Fotolia

    erinb1303913 Level 1

      For the past 3 weeks i have been unable to log into my Fotolia account. I can't reset my password - when i complete the Forgotten Password page, no email ever arrives. I am 100% certain my email and username are both correct. After 3 weeks of sending messages through the contact form - not a single response. There is no answer on the Fotolia voice line and it goes to a message bank. What is going on? Is Fotolia a scam???? How can i get into my account? I have $1600 of credit in there, jobs overdue because i need downloaded images and i cannot get in contact with anyone who will respond to me.


      Does anyone have any insight as to what the hell is going on?? I've never encountered anything like this on any site before - especially not an adobe product.


      Not even Adobe support are able to assist me, they continue to refer me back to Fotolia support, who don't respond or answer the phone.