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    Lightroom 6 Importing Photos into Wrong Folders


      I have read all the other threads with similar titles/issues and nothing has helped. Someone please help me!


      I am importing into Lightroom 6 from folder of photos on my desktop.


      Originally the photos are downloaded from Google Photos by year, and then put into new folder on my desktop labeled by the year.

      For example, I downloaded all my photos from 2014 from Google Photos to my desktop. I renamed the folder "2014" and placed it inside my Pictures folder on my Desktop.


      Now I am trying to import into Lightroom 6.


      Finding the Source is no problem.


      Destination options:


      - Organize by Date

      - Date Format: 2018/2018-06-11


      The files are clearly marked by date from Google photos, for example: 20140214_172205.jpg


      Lightroom gives me a preview of where it will place the photos in my destination folder (an external harddrive called F:)


      screenshot 1.jpg


      Lightroom wants to add all my video files into a random folder named "1948". No clue where it's getting this number!

      It wants to add all the photos into a new folder with today's date: "2018-06-11".


      screenshot 2.jpg




      I have never had this problem with Lightroom until I got a new computer and had to move everything to my new External Harddrive. Now it is just a bit crazy.


      Can someone please help me?


      I know basic Lightroom stuff (importing, editing, exporting), but am not a computer whizz, so basic language appreciated.


      Thank you!