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    Multicam only with Progressive field order + low res




      I am working on a project that requieres me to work with multicam sequences.


      The Original footage was recorded in ProRes422 50i but we had to transcode all footage to AVC Intra 100 50i (This is the codec we have to use for final delivery), to save space on our server.


      We work with Windwos 7 and PP2017. Most Desktop Maschines use a Blackmagic Intensity Pro 4k for preview but I also tested the same sequences with a Black Magic Decklink 4k with the same results.


      We have issues with our preview, whenever we swtich to the Multicam edit. For some reason it is only displayed in a progressive field order (it runs fine and smooth in interlaced when the multicam edit is turned off), but the preview also looks horrible the image looks as if the quality was set to half the resoltion whenever I hit the play button.


      Whats the issue here? How can I make the Multicam seq run in 50i and without losing half my image quality?