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    Recording Dropdown Windows

      We are recording a lot of software simulations for a client project. A number of them have windows style drop down menus. There is a problem taking manual screen captures that include the dropdowns since the capture key (or any key struck on the kb) causes the drop down to disappear.

      Here is the workaround we have just developed. Run a MS netmeeting between 2 systems, one running the Captivate, the other running the application you are building the simulation for. Now when you access a drop down, your partner can take the shots.

      Tip. You have to keep the mouse off the the right of the screen on the "application" system to avoid confusion and autohide the Windows toolbar for the same reason.

      This technique obviously requires coordination between you and your partner via phone or netmeeting audio, but it does solve the problem of the disappearning drop downs!