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    Frustration!!! (Resizing)


      Hey guys and gals!




      I'm making a swarae into the world of CA and have been adapting parts of the "Almasol" file

      to suit my character in PS however, my character is getting cropped out because of the file size...?

      I haven't made any adjustments other than replacing the existing body parts in the ps file so why would this be??

      anywho, ive just spend the best part of 3 hours trying to rectify this without prevail. I figure it must have something to do

      with the original ps file being too big... but I cant reduce the size of it with the entire puppet going mental, check it out -


      This is the original -



      Here is the resized version -




      and look whats happens when i move my head!




      Please tell me theres an easy solution to this!!! xxx

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          alank99101739 Level 4

          There is a puppet ”behavior” puppets get by default called “Transform”. In there is a scale property you can change. Click on the puppet in the timeline and look for the properties panel.


          The other aspect of movement of the desk depends on how puppet is rigged. If you go to the rigging window, if you resized the PSD file if you had any “fixed” pins to stop the desk moving, they may not be over the actual desk any more. I would suggest reading up some tutorials on rigging, or look at a few puppets in rig mode (at top of window is rig and record modes and a few others).

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            SharonfromMD Level 2

            I never use puppets at 100%. I first record the scale(size) and the X and Y starting positions before I do anything. Then I make sure to uncheck(meaning you can't have a red dot) before I do anything else (moving head, lip syncing, etc.)


            CA is an incredible program, but you need to be aware that if you have the red buttons checked and then record, you are going back to the defaults. In other words if I scale it down and set its position, and then go and record something else it will record the defaults and override your previous scaling, etc. It's tricky, but once you know what to do and get in the habit of it you will save yourself a lot of time.


            Good Luck.

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              MrRadical Level 1

              That's great cheers for the info guys!