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    Prompt text on Contact forms not disappearing when entering text and not redirecting through to correct page when submitting

    SallyBaliLee Level 1



      I have just discovered that on my contact form, the prompt text does not disappear when you enter the text request, so you can't see what you are writing, then when you submit the form it is not taking you to the select "From complete" page, it only shows the following:

      {"FormResponse": {"success": true, "redirect": "form-complete.html"}}


      The email does send and comes through but this looks pretty ****, especially as you can't see what you are writing.

      I have tested a new Muse Contact Form and a couple of external ones from Muse Free and all are the same. The Muse Free ones work fine on the demo but as soon as you put them into Muse they don't work anymore.


      I have seen treads that this seems to be a problem but can't seem to find any solutions or options.

      Any ideas anyone?