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    Mobile Downloads.lrdata file keeps filling up my hd

    jonob50062202 Level 1

      I have "store a copy of all originals" in CC and "specify location for Lightroom CC ecosystem's images" in Classic CC both unchecked.


      To be clear; these are not 'mobile' images being downloaded; they are files I'm trying to upload and archive through Classic CC. It's up to a gb now. I've trashed it. it keeps rebuilding and re populating itself. I don't want to download these files that I'm uploading.


      This happens when I have both Classic CC and CC open. This really is a mess.


      Also, it's trying to upload the Mobile Downloads.lrdata file but it has given an error message "File is too large" In other words, the software is trying to upload the files it downloaded that I'm already uploading. Confused?


      Can anyone help? This is way too complicated.