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    Multi cam sequence label colours not following into sequence

    richardg90679119 Level 1

      I've searched the forum and whilst there are issues with labelling, I can't quite find this one:


      I've imported dual system video (single camera) and sound (ambisonics and a stereo guide). I timecode synced several clips using 'create multi camera source sequence' and added a few selections from the source monitor to the timeline.


      I've then realised that it would be useful to colour code all the tracks and have done so in the project window and checked the 'Display the project item and label color for all instances' box in project settings. But, there is no change to the colour of the clips in the timeline. I've closed and restarted Premiere in case there's a glitch. Nothing.


      When I change a colour of a clip on a single track in the timeline, all tracks relating to that clip resort to the new chosen colour. So, the tracks are somehow behaving as a group...even if I unlink them, they want to be the same colour.


      Am I missing something? How can I get them to do as I say?!!


      Thank you