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    Mass HDR Merge Automations?

    creophoto Level 1

      No, I'm not looking to merge 20 photos at .1 EV stop differentials into one beige image hahah.


      I shoot real estate, and spend countless hours of my life merging my shots (3 shots, 3EV differences) over and over again for listings.


      Shift click, Option M, enter, enter. Repeat until crying.


      Is there anyone out there with a way I could set ACR to automate the creation of those deliciously tweak-able .DNG files? It would be tricky- I couldn't have any extra shots in the folder or else the automation would get thrown out of whack. Something that starts with the first file, and clumps everything into the 3 shot HDR merges, and gives me the .DNGs and the .XMP files?