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    Mass HDR Merge Automations?

    creophoto Level 1

      No, I'm not looking to merge 20 photos at .1 EV stop differentials into one beige image hahah.


      I shoot real estate, and spend countless hours of my life merging my shots (3 shots, 3EV differences) over and over again for listings.


      Shift click, Option M, enter, enter. Repeat until crying.


      Is there anyone out there with a way I could set ACR to automate the creation of those deliciously tweak-able .DNG files? It would be tricky- I couldn't have any extra shots in the folder or else the automation would get thrown out of whack. Something that starts with the first file, and clumps everything into the 3 shot HDR merges, and gives me the .DNGs and the .XMP files?

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          Flash_Ghost Level 1

          I have a script file that loads into photoshop and is an option within photoshop.  You can then have multiple options from creating 32bit to loading one of the 16bit presets.  Send me your email address and i can send you the file.

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            Have you found anything to batch merge hdrs? I shoot real estate as well and do the same thing.

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              gary_sc Adobe Community Professional

              Hi Creophoto,


              Sorry, but if I'm reading you correctly, you are wasting your time. You take your photos at 0.1 stop per shot?


              Depending on the level of contrast you are working with, three shots at -2, 0, +2 are all that's necessary. If you are in a dark room with a bright outside window, than going over to more shots may (probably) be necessary but again, only 2 stops per shot.


              If you are taking raw images you could get by with -2, +2 (no "0" shot), but JPG you will need all three.


              Think of it this way: think of dynamic range of a shot like trying to get a panorama of a scene. To go from the left to the right, with a 50mm lens, you might need 3 shots (with 1/3 overlap of shots) to capture the entire range. A 50-75% overlap would not create any better of a panorama. But if you had a 24mm lens (think of this as the raw image that captures more data), you will probably need only two shots to get the same amount of panorama that the 50mm required 3 shots.


              I did an experiment years ago where I took the following shots of the same scene:


              -2, -1.5, -1, -0.5, 0, +0.5, +1.5, +2


              I then processed them as such:


              -2, -1.5, -1, -0.5, 0, +0.5, +1, +1.5, +2




              -2, -1, 0, +1, +2




              -2, 0, +2


              For each test I processed them exactly the same way each time.


              Finally, I compared the results: absolutely no difference.


              Now, I can provide to you two different approaches to do bulk processing of your images:


              1) from within Adobe: use Lightroom Classic. Select all your images, do a right click, and select "Auto Stack by time." Now comes the (semi) tedious part: select a stack and press Shift-Control(Command)-h. That will perform a headless HDR (whatever your settings are, it will process them without your interaction). So this will be (1) select stack, (2) press the command, (3) repeat 1 & 2 till done. this will cache in LR until done.


              2) Get Photomatix. You can select a folder within Photomatix and give it some guidelines and then go have lunch as Photomatix will process that folder of images.


              HTH, let me know.

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                creophoto Level 1

                Promise you won't sell it to hackers?

                emelgren@ the google one dot com.

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                  creophoto Level 1

                  Doing 3 EV stop differences but thanks! The first sentence was a joke (as in, haha wouldn't it be ridiculous to merge 0.1 EV stop differentials).


                  I will look into Photomatix, but I don't want the output to be .jpgs, I want the more editable .dng merges that Adobe Camera Raw produces.

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                    gary_sc Adobe Community Professional

                    Hi Creophoto,


                    Sorry, I did miss your joke. Been a long day. So in retrospect. "Haha, good one!"


                    Photomatix will export to JPGs or TIFF (8 or 16 bit) but not DNG. Before ACP/Lightroom could do good HDR I used Photomatix, saved out as 16-bit TIF and then brought into ACR to fine-tune.


                    FWIW, if there are moving objects in an image I always go to Photomatix, their deghosting is industry standard. Best I've seen. Otherwise, ACP/Lightroom is by far faster to use with great results.


                    Let me know if this helps,

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                      creophoto Level 1

                      Thanks Gary!