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    clipping mask problem

    romeozzzzzzz Level 1


      I downloaded this frame from freepik.com and i want to make clipping mask with it to put an image inside this frame

      I tried too much but i can't

      what can i do ??


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          romeozzzzzzz Level 1

          Any help !!

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            romeozzzzzzz Level 1

            Thanks for your reply

            Is drawing clipping path is the only solution for this ?!

            is there any other solution without drawing ... for example by using pathfinder or anything else


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              Ray Yorkshire Adobe Community Professional

              Perhaps make a copy of it, ungroup, delete the extremities,

              select all and use the ShapeBuilder tool, with a large gap detection set,( double click on the tool for options)

              Then if needed use the blob brush to fill any gaps.

              Next  Pathfinder > Unite

              And  use as a clipping mask on  the image

              Lastly paste the original on top ie

              Edit > Paste in Front

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                romeozzzzzzz Level 1

                I tried to do these steps accurately but failed .... there is no path in the middle of the fame where i make the clipping mask with it ... i need a solution without drawing

                Thanks for your reply bro

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                  Doug A Roberts Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Why do you need a solution without drawing? Drawing a path would be the simplest and probably quickest way to do this.

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                    romeozzzzzzz Level 1

                    Because i'm not good enough in using pen tool to draw the path accurately

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                      John Mensinger Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      romeozzzzzzz  wrote


                      Because i'm not good enough in using pen tool to draw the path accurately

                      So this is the perfect opportunity to improve. Look closely at tromboniator's example. This isn't that difficult to do if you just take your time, concentrate, and follow the pieces of the frame. (Lock the frame's layer and work on a layer above or below.)

                      You really only need to do one side and either the top or the bottom, then duplicate, flip and join them. Plus, you can make as many adjustments as it takes to get it right after drawing. I'd guess tromboniator did it in just a few minutes. You won't do it that quickly, but it won't take all day either.

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                        minimumsix9977 Level 1

                        Yep, think in terms of shapes. And the great thing is that everything is editable—you're not drawing with a permanent marker! So you can learn, tweak, fail, tweak, and get better. Sometimes there just isn't a magic button for everything, you know?

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                          Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



                          One way to go about the suggestion from Peter without drawing is as follows, obviously working on a copy, leaving the original for the actual frame:


                          1) Select the whole structure of frame paths (or those that are to form the Clipping Mask), then Ctrl/Cmd+C+B to copy it behind the original frame structure, then (Ctrl/Cmd+G to Ungroup if Grouped and delete the unwanted bits and) Ctrl/Cmd+G to Group, then hide the original frame structure;

                          2) Object>Path>Offset Path by a positive amount sufficient to close all gaps within the frame path structure;

                          3) Pathfinder>Unite or Merge;

                          4) Object>Path>Offset Path by the same amount as in 2), only negative;

                          5) Select the path from 4) and the image to be clipped and Ctrl/Cmd+7;

                          6) Show the original frame structure hidden in 2).


                          This should give you the exact shape desired.




                          Edit: I started on this post before posts #8&9 were, well, posted.

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