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    I don't have the option of exporting in Youtube video


      I use Premiere pro cc 2018 and I can not export into youtube 1080p, the option is not there. I am on window.


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          R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          They removed some of the 5,357 presets from previous versions ... thankfully.


          Which format/codec combo do you want? H.264 in mp4 is of course heavily used as it is a smallish file to upload. A few here prefer DNxHD/R for a bit better quality and it typically gets displayed by YouTube without the color profile/gamma issues that can occur with H.264 uploads.


          For 1080p say 23.976, minimum bitrate targets of 10 with max 12 may work, but settings a bit higher might be better. UHD/4K work takes bitrates 3-4 times higher of course.


          Very easy to set. Oh, and skip the 2-pass export and un-check max bitrate and render depth.


          And if you mean export to YouTube direct from PrPro, I and many others prefer to check the export before uploading anyway, manual uploads work easy enough for my taste.