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    Create Slideshow Problem

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      I saw this problem posted here before and the solution (reinstalling
      Fireworks) didn't work for me. Please bear with me if the answer is in
      here and I've overlooked it.

      I'm using CS3 Web Premium on a Vista machine. If I use the Create
      Slideshow command and go through all the steps, there are two problems
      before I click the Create button:

      1. In the Album Properties pane if I click the Thumbnail checkbox and
      then try selecting one of my images from the dropdown list, the preview
      pane shows "undefined" regardless of which image I select.

      2. If I select and image in the left side Images pane, it says "File Not
      Found" where the preview should appear near the lower right.

      If I do click the Create button I immediately get a "100% processed"
      dialog box yet nothing is created and nothing is in the destination folder.

      This happens regardless of whether I select images already open or
      images from a directory. I've made sure both images and folders have no
      spaces, special character, etc. I've also tried reinstalling FW,
      uninstalling and reinstalling FW, and uninstalling and reinstalling the
      entire suite. I've also made sure all updates are current.

      I've also searched the Adobe Knowledge Base without any success.

      Thanks in advance!