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    MP3 Stream Works Locally, Not Online

    spiritwave Level 1

      New to Flash development, I'm building a MP3 player, and have started with a very simple version (as the attached code shows).

      The player works perfectly when I direct my browser (either IE or FF) to the files stored locally on my hard drive.

      However, when I upload everything to a shared host Web server, the Flash object loads fine, but clicking the Play button doesn't do anything.

      To keep things simple, I stored all of the Flash published files and the MP3 file in the same directory, so I'd be surprised if it's a file path issue.

      The "sound.mp3" file is 1 minute, 39 seconds at stereo 192Kbps, 44kHz. Is it a buffering issue?

      I am using the 30 day trial of Flash CS3, if that matters.

      Any assistance in helping me resolve this is greatly appreciated.