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    Media pending accross my entire project - sequences and bins


      I’m cutting a feature doc on PP2017 shot mostly on Sony A7S2 (1920x1080 25p). I’ve inherited the project and I’m cutting from the source material, lots of material so not enough time to transcode everything.

      When I opened the project today, PP says that all the media has loaded, but I have 'Media Pending' appear across all my sequences and bins.

      This has happened twice before last week after the project crashed, but now its happened since shutting down last night.

      Previously I've deleted the media Cache and that seemed to have worked, however, I don't have enough time to keep doing this.


      It opens up fine in PP2018, but I’m loathed to convert mid-project. Any advice would be most welcome.

      Cutting on Mac Pro 2015 - OS10.12.6 / intel Iris Pro 1536 MB

      Thanks in advance