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    how to import files with automatic scale to frame



      I have a trouble... We work together on two windows computers. We work with the same template.

      When i import rasters or PDF, i set the frame and the scale of the file is auto adjusted : i can see the all file content in my frame.

      When my friend do the same, the file is set to 100% scale : He have to set the "ajust proportionnaly the content" in order to get the same result as mine.

      With our workshop, We like the automatic "set to frame" when we import instead of adjusting manually every raster.

      We tries with same INDD file, same PDFs ou JPEGs, we always have the same result.. Fine fo me, manualy scale for him.

      Where can be the setting that we should match ?

      Thanks a lot !

      (my setup : Windows 10 + ID 6.1 - His setup : win 7 + ID 6.01)