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    Play Flash Movie ONE TIME on Webpage...

    sync2rhythm Level 1
      I've been searching for a way to add a 'Cookie' to my Flash Video file so that it will only Play One Time... on my landing page. After the visitor goes to another page and returns to my homepage I do NOT want the Video to Play again.

      My Video is a Flash Video Object so it only occupies the First frame.

      I do NOT mean LOOP. My video does not Loop.
      I am searching for a simple way for the Flash Video to know that it has already been played during a Site visit so it does NOT play again when the page is revisited.

      I was told to dump this in my first frame:
      replay = SharedObject.getLocal("save");

      if (replay.data.name == undefined){
      replay.data.name = "played";
      } else {
      I could not get the above Action Script to work.

      Anyone know a simple way to do this?