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    Publish Service errors ("target dir is actually a file")


      When i try to delete all of my rejected photos I get prompted if i want to remove them from my published folders, and i say Yes, I've been getting this error message (attached). It seems that LR is looking for a folder/directory but is finding a file. You'll note the message is truncated so i can't tell exactly which Hard Drive collection it is having trouble with. Any ideas how I can determine which Hard Drive collection is causing the problem and what to do?


      A little more info:


      • one of the Hard Drive services points to another Windows PC where i export my final images to display on the TV in my kitchen. I think this is the one with the problem, but i don't know how to tell for sure
      • the other points to an external hard drive attached to a docking station for my PC.


      I recently published a number of new and modified photos to both services and it works fine, so it seems that the issue is only related to removing pics from the service.


      .error message.PNGhard drive publish .PNG


      Thanks for your help

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          eschurr Level 1

          Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I'm stuck and it's stopping me from removing photos that I've marked as Rejected.

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            JohanEl54 Adobe Community Professional

            It should be possible to go to 'All Photographs' and remove the rejected photos from Lightroom there. If you get a warning that they are in a publishing service, then you may be able to ignore that or say that you don't want to remove them from the destination.

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              eschurr Level 1

              Thanks again for your help.


              I could probably delete my photos from "all photographs" and leave the photos on the service, but that would defeat half of the benefit of why i want to delete the photos.  It effectively minimizes the value of the publish service.


              I only have two publish services. Both are Hard Drive, and both work just fine when publishing new or modified photos. It seems that deletion is an issue. One service points to another PC on the network, and the other points to an external hard drive.. As an experiment, i just deleted an old published smart collection that was on the external hard drive and LR had no trouble deleting the collection, the folder, and the directory.


              Any ideas on how to diagnose this further?

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                eschurr Level 1

                I'm providing an update on this in case anyone is interested.


                There is definitely some kind of bug or unpublished limit in the number of photos that LR CC can publish to a hard drive (on a networked PC).


                You'll see in this email trail i couldn't delete photos from my catalog and hard drive that we in a published collection of 34K+ photos going to a hard drive on a networked PC. So i did some experimentation:


                -- i created a smaller collection in the same published service on the same networked PC hard drive. I had no problem publishing the photos or deleting any that i published.

                -- i deleted the original smart collection of 34K+ photos, recreated it, and published it to the same hard drive service. It took forever, but eventually it worked. However, after it was done i had the same error message as before ("Target dir is actually a file.")

                -- i deleted the collection and created a series of smaller collections, each with about 2,500 photos in them, and published them to the same hard drive service. No problems.