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    Video File Metadata

    Shanghi Kung fu ninja Level 1

      I'm sure it's been asked but i'm here to do it again.... The illusive video file metadata conundrum.


      Tagging, descriptions, locations, keywords, etc... Premiere has a beautiful tool just for this; the "metadata panel". It works like a dream. Simply type in your info in the provided boxes and bam, perfectly logged footage across all Adobe platforms. That is until you search this metadata in "Finder" on Mac and realize those countless hours you spent logging are nowhere to be found outside of Adobe programs. So when I want to do a quick search for a video tagged with keyword "alaska" in Finder, nothing come up.


      Now! To contradict all this, I was able to add a JPEG into my Premiere timeline, alter the metadata (description, keywords, etc) and instantly the metadata is synced with finder and I can search these files outside of Adobe. So my theory is that the videos files (.MP4, .MOV .R3D) don't support these tags or maybe finder just doesn't look for them even though they are there. I went through a .MP4 files in Premieres metadata panel and altered every single option hoping at least one entry would alter the data in any distinguishable way but to no avail.


      Soooooooooo.... How can we do this? How can we tag a video in Adobe and have it searchable in Finder?



      Here's an excerpt from another Adobe user with the same issue...


      "I have tons of .mov files that I've transcoded and added metadata to (i.e. Location, keywords, show name), but when I go to search for their metadata in finder, NOTHING comes up. I added an .XMP file, which then shows up in Finder when I search using keywords, but I need the .MOV file to show up as well in Finder..."