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    Help! Left pupil has a life of its own.


      For a live production that will air tomorrow 2pm European time (help!) we have created a puppet and for some reason the left pupil has a life of its own. Put on keyboard input when I press the left arrow key it goes right, and vice versa. Up: it starts to go up and shifts down again.

      I checked the tags, of all eye layers. I restarted with a copy of the psd... I changed the mesh. Nothing. The right eye works fine. And of course I cannot se any difference in the layers between the two... In an earlier post the problem was missing eyeballs. We have eyeballs. I even exchanged the uneven eyeballs with round ones: no change.

      Any ideas, anyone? Would be a great help. Thanks!

      Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 15.30.52.pngScreen Shot 2018-06-13 at 15.32.15.png

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          alank99101739 Level 4

          You are welcome to direct message me a link to Google Drive holding your exported puppet if you want someone to have a look, but I won’t have time for the next 13 hours (leaving for work now).


          I don’t think useful, but here is a blog on eye debugging in case helpful https://extra-ordinary.tv/2018/04/21/debugging-character-animator-eyess/


          In this particular case, it sounds similar to a case a few days ago in the forums. They have a PSD file. I recorded a debugging session Photoshop "boss" puppet debugging session - YouTube , but it lost the second half (groan). The channel also had a few minute recording showing the crazy eyes problem. Crazy eyes demo - YouTube


          If that is sort of similar to your problem, what that problem turned out to be is the “Pupil Range” and “Pupil” layers both had extra stray content in them. What seemed to happen is instead of CH only putting the main pupil in the range, it would also permit the stray artwork in those layers to be considered. It resulted in weird effects like the pupil going backwards at times! The proble was solved by checking the Pupil and Pupil Range tagged layers and removing all the extra content in those layers. Everything just started working after that.


          Note: Check for stray extra tags on layers as well - it may be that if there are multiple objects tagged with “Pupil Size” or “Pupil Range” etc that may result in the same effect as stray artwork in the layers.

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            anjal51677423 Level 1

            Thanks a lot, Alan!


            Yesterday, I solved the problem by opening a new Photoshop file and new layers. In fact, I copy/pasted the eyeballs and eyelids from the old one, but the pupils were completely new: new layer, new drawing. I then copied these new Right Eye and Left Eye folders and layers into the old puppet. And the problem was solved, everything worked fine. At first.


            So it might have been the problem you showed in your troubleshooting tutorial (thanks for the links, very helpful) that the layer was not clean. I will have to check into that.


            Later the problem resurfaced. No idea why... Tomorrow I will take another look.


            Thanks again.