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    Publishing for Mac

      I am building a project for a touch screen info point, I have just found out that it will run of a mac. I have produced the project on a PC (because I am sensible like that), what do I have to do to make sure it works on a Mac.

      I don't think they have bootcamp installed so that is one option out!
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          There isn't too much to publishing for Mac. Just publish it for .osx in
          the publish options. Make sure that you take the resulting .hqx archive
          to a Mac to open it. If you open it on a PC, then you break it. If you
          open it on a Mac, you'll be fine.

          What problems you will have depends very much on what your program is
          doing. There are some xtras that don't work on Mac, so don't use
          anything that doesn't work for Mac. If you do anything with file
          pathnames, make sure that you do not use the "\" as delimiter. Macs use
          ":". Or a nice shortcut to make it work for both is to do this:

          global gDelimiter
          gDelimiter=the last char of the moviePath

          Then use gDelimiter instead of "\" or ":" and it will work cross platform.

          The best thing you can do is test early and often on a Mac to make sure
          there are no last minute problems.