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    Sending PDF for Signature Issue

    Suresite IT Infra

      Hi, I think there may have been an update today or yesterday that has caused an issue with sending signatures from Adobe Acroat Pro.

      1. I open a PDF.

      2. I select 'Send for Signature'.

      3. It then asks me to select a PDF, which it never used to do as I already have the PDF open.

      4. I then select the PDF from the appropriate folder.

      5. I then type in the email that I will send the document too.

      6. Click 'Next', and it loops back to the screen where I go choose the email recipient and select a file. It is stuck in this loop. I am using a local Windows 10 Pro OS, it has also been tested by 2 other users on our end user server environment (Windows Server 2016 OS). They are both having the same issue.

      The version I am on: 2018.011.20040, the version the terminal server is on: 2015.023.20053.

      Thanks, Adam.