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    Hover Scrub stops working once a clip is selected

    natedrake973 Level 1

      In Premiere, when I select a clip of any size/codec/wrapper/location, hover scrub no longer works on that clip.

      While not selected, all clips scrub just fine. The awkward "workaround" that I've been doing for as long as I can remember is to click, drag and move the clip, then scrubbing resumes.

      However if you click another clip, or drag the working clip to a sequence, then click on it again in the bin, Hover Scrubbing has stopped working again.
      I'm seeing this behavior on two different PCs even after updating all display drivers and clearing all cache files manually.

      This bug has existed as long as I can recall, but let's say at least the last 6 months.


      I couldn't find anything via google or the forum about this particular issue.

      Plus the workaround is not really workable for daily editing.


      Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

      Has anyone found a better workaround than moving the clip every time you need to scrub?


      I made a quick screen capture of the problem in action: