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    All files/iamges have disappeared from LR


      I had an issue with Virgin Media, so in order to clear my iMac to enable it to reconnect with the internet I turned it off at the wall. Today I went into LR and its like LR has reset itself. All I have is my presets. All my images have gone. This is import, as these are people's wedding photo's.

      Can anyone help to restore it?

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          First of all, your images are not "in" Lightroom. They are in folders on your computer. They are managed by Lightroom which utilizes a catalog, and the catalog is simply a database which keeps track of where the images are located as well as all the work you have performed on those images. If you go to the Library module, in the left-hand column, are you able to see the folders containing the images? If not, it's possible that you have opened or created a new catalog. If that is the case, if you are on a Mac go to Lightroom->Open Recent (on a PC it would be File->Open Recent) and see if there are other catalogs listed. If so, then choose one of the other catalogs and see if that catalog contains the images you are seeking.

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            camillaw63084070 Level 1

            I have had to go to a back up folder and then reload my last 3 wedding's from the memory card's. It's a pain, as culled 2 of them.

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              KR Seals Level 3

              Did you read Jim Hess's reply to you?  The symptoms you describe sound exactly like you are not the the correct catalog. If you find the correct catalog, all the images and edits should be there. That would have saved you all the trouble of re-importing the images files.