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    swf won't play after uploading - white box

      I've posted a couple of previous times and gotten nothing but dead air, so I'm still trying to find a way to get flash movies to just play on a web site. Is it that hard? I hate flash. Why doesn't it just work?

      I'm trying to put a video gallery up and currently have eight .swf video clips that all begin downloading simultaneously when the page is opened, hogging bandwidth that should be reserved for whatever one video the user chooses. I can't find a way to keep the clips from downloading until the user clicks the play button. And I can't put a buffer delay in. Everything I can find on a buffer in Flash says to change the BufferTimer in the components inspector. But I HAVE NO BUFFERTIMER IN THE COMPONENTS INSPECTOR!! I've got Align, AutoPlay, CuePoints, etc., but no BufferTimer! I swear I must have a faulty version of Flash CS3.

      So I'm trying to get around it by using a gallery of images that link to individual pages with one .swf file. It all tests fine on my local machine, but once it's uploaded, the gallery images pull up pages with a big fat white box where the .swf should be. What gives?

      And while I'm ranting about the difficulties of Flash, I'll rave about the ease of use of Dreamweaver. Why can't Fl be more like Dw? ie, coding not required. I've been trying to wrestle this Flash gallery into reality for more than a week and I'm on the verge of reverting back to embedded Quicktime files.

      BTW, does anyone know of a Flash forum people actually? I haven't gotten a response at Creative Cow or here.

      Sorry for the rant; I'm at my wit's end.

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          I am having the very same problem. When I post the swf file and call it up, all I see is a white box with my play button and stop button at the bottom. Both of these buttons work and it looks fine once you hit the play button. But I want the swf to come up to the first frame which should be a picture of a person -- not the white box!

          Did you ever find out how to fix this problem? I'd be ever so grateful to get help on this one.